Mission & History

Greater Mobile Physicians’ mission is to provide excellent wellness care to men and women that are ready to make their lifestyle change. We believe in striving to provide you with total wellness care, which includes pushing you towards your weight loss goals, correct, safe, and responsible fitness training, as well as making sure you maintain ongoing medical care.

Our goals are to help you lose weight, live great, feel great, and look great! All these things are important in taking steps toward making the complete lifestyle change, and we’ll be here to help every step of the way.

Dr. Clarke is a former world-class Olympian in Track and Field. During his transition from superstar athlete to OBGYN, he periodically gained a significant amount of body weight, going from 180lbs to 220lbs and was at this point classified as obese. Being astutely aware of the worldwide obesity crisis, he realized that in order to maintain his health and to have longevity, he needed to do something about this. To start his lifestyle change, Dr. Clarke took further medical training, did research, and studied this serious issue of widespread obesity in the country. He implemented himself a low-calorie diet, and a soft exercise regiment, subsequently losing 40lbs over a 3 month period. Upon completing his own weight loss journey, he decided this was something he should share with his patients as they, as well as others, often came to him for weight loss advice. After gaining more knowledge in weight loss and wellness itself, Greater Mobile Physicians Weight Loss was founded in June 2011.